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You’ve Changed, Sci-Fi.

iPhone, iCam App Shows Burglary

Floppy Disk as a Weapon

Sci-Fi Over Time

2nd Channel


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6 Responses to “You’ve Changed, Sci-Fi.”

  1. Ron says:

    I think the thing with the big bump of sci-fi shows around the early 2000 era wasn't so much the fact Y2K was going to kill us all, but more a factor related to the incredible success of the X-Files. Back then, being a geek was cool, the X-Files was the American Idol of TV shows, and we had to walk to school up hill both ways in the snow with aliens chasing us. These days? The closest thing we've got to sci-fi is a mediocre remake of Dr. Who and the Sharktopus channel.

  2. carlherbert says:

    It's time now to learn how to kick @$$ using your thumb drive.

  3. StephenC says:

    Being a geek is still cool. Just not over do it. :)

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