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Justin Bieber Followed Me on Twitter!

I talk briefly about some of the things that went on this week like the YouTube change, the overblown hype on the Twitter bug earlier this week, the AT&T-Apple relationship, and a ridiculous-looking Hummer.
I <3 comments!

Here’s some links to the full stories:
YouTube privacy settings
Twitter bug
AT&T-Apple relationship
Ridiculous Hummer


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8 Responses to “Justin Bieber Followed Me on Twitter!”

  1. I, Se7en says:

    You <3 comments and yet no comments, that's not right. Can I imagine the personification of Apple that way from now on?

  2. Cynthia says:

    Hah, the code was a little messed up on this page but I fixed it. Bad code is not conducive to easy commenting. :p

    And you may envision Apple that way from now on. haha. Maybe I should print out posters of the “new Apple” to remind people. :p

  3. Gerald says:

    I loved the dominatrix outfit for Apple & AT&T!!! What was that in your mouth, lol? That definitely put bad thoughts in my head, j/k, but not really. Anyway, good video and the Hummer sucked mushroom balls with mismatched hand socks. I had to get you on that one. Great vid!

    • Cynthia says:

      Thanks! It was an apple in my mouth. The hue/saturation was just altered so that’s why it looked blue ;)

      Your Hummer remark made me lol. :D

  4. Diana Booker says:

    Justin Bieber os so funny. Have you seen the most funny photo of him? You should… btw. My World 2.0 is great album…

  5. Jen_No_2 says:

    This is rad, Cynthia! You should’ve been part of my pvp team when I played WoW–can you say hello, epic pwn?! ;>

  6. emoctions says:

    I truly love Justin. He’s so cute and makes really awesome music. Hope i can see him live soon

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