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Is Google Docs Superior to Microsoft Office?

Google announced that they’re making some changes to Google Docs, so here’s some thoughts on the Google Docs vs. Microsoft Office debate.

I may discuss the reasons why Google beats Microsoft in other ways, but I’m going to try to stay on point.

Some reasons why I believe that Google Docs is superior to Microsoft Office:

  • It’s free. (For non-commercial use.)
  • It’s online which means that you, and anyone you share the documents with, can access the file from any computer. This is a big concern for me since I don’t enjoy working on an essay for 2 1/2 hours, just to have the program die right before it’s done. Though MS states that they will be bringing Office to the cloud this year, I feel that it’s too little, too late.
  • Google Docs’ concept is in line with Web 2.0. Product manager Anil Sabharwal stated that the program should flow like a “conversation.” The “conversations” concept is something that has been repeated across the social mediasphere with the advent of Twitter. It’s a great idea to structure an editing program with this in mind.
  • We don’t need to “tell Microsoft” what “my idea” is, because Google already knows. Google has a grip on how documents are used the most (as shown in the previous point). Because they have a better understanding of their consumers, they have a better understanding of how to optimize their products and services. Google Docs has probably not reached its full potential yet, but I’ll bet it’ll be developed at a much faster pace than Microsoft Office. It’s probably a good idea to get on the learning curve now. :)
  • If you also use other Google services, it’ll make things easier if Google Docs is your default word processor. There will probably be ways for some, or all of the services to tie in with one another eventually.
  • Microsoft, as a company, has always seemed to be more of a follower than an innovator. Sometimes they manage to come out with products/services that really *wow* people, but most of the time they’re playing a game of catch up.

The Cynch:

I’d rather spend $0 on a superior product than spend $280 (Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Business) on an inferior product. Is it just me?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Are there ways in which Microsoft still has an edge?


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3 Responses to “Is Google Docs Superior to Microsoft Office?”

  1. I agree for the most part, Google truly understands where the Web is going and can go.

    The only downside I find to Google Docs is the creative ability; they’ve improved it a lot, but there are fon’t limitations and spacing/sizing issues. Sometimes too, it can fail, just like Microsoft office. Still, Google Docs is better overall.

  2. Sundeep B. says:

    Most of the people would disagree with this post. Although you might like Google services, most people do not trust their sensitive documents with Google or in the cloud. Google Documents does not come close to the features in Microsoft Office. I plan on getting the new Office 2010 but for a reduced Student price of $60. I do agree its pricey but its a standard that everyone uses.

  3. Cynthia says:

    @Sundeep B: I agree that there’s some risk to having things on the cloud, but at the same time, it makes things safer. If your computer crashes, your information will still be there.

    I also agree that Microsoft Office is the current standard. However, do you think it’s possible that Google can change those standards?

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