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theCynch Quickie: Android Runs Flash, Dating for Apple Lovers, iPad Art [May 6th, 2010]

1) Watch an Android tablet run Adobe Flash and play YouTube videos! Hmmm….I can see these tablets causing quite a stir when they get released.

2) Are you a a single Apple fanboy or fangirl? An Apple-lovers-only-dating website is being launched in June, 2010 specifically geared towards Apple diehards. Naturally, the website will only be available on Safari, iPad, and iPhone.

3) Did you know that you can use your Wiimote to control your iPad to play Super Mario? What else can we throw into this awesome mix?!

4) Mariah Carey now has everything, now that she’s gotten a crystallized and monogrammed iPad for her birthday!

5)¬†Tom Tom has made¬†Star Wars voices for their GPS! I’m sure these voices will help you stay awake on the road. You can currently choose from Darth Vader, C-3PO, Yoda, and Han Solo. Why didn’t they make a Chewbacca? Ooo…right.

6) Interactive video is in the works! It’s going to be called Interlude and is being developed by Yoni Bloch. It’ll be like a Goosebumps Choose Your Own Adventure…except hopefully, you’ll live past the end of the video.

7) This is the tiny, 1-inch-camera can shoot over 13 hours of video and take over 100,000 photos! It also has the ability to take HD video and do live streaming (as a spy camera)?

8) Remember the Three Wolf Moon shirt? It’s been spoofed!

9) The iPad as art. This is an awesome array of iPads superimposed over other photos. The results are pretty neat.

10) Ever fall asleep at work? (Hopefully, you’re the type that can sleep with your eyes open though. I’m still working on that trick.) This is a pair of headphones that makes it comfortable for you to slump over and lean on your headphones.

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