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“Obsolete” Formats Find New Life

Nick Gentry is one talented artist!

Not only does he paint beautifully, but he uses obsolete memory formats as his canvas. The results are stunning.

He describes his process as this:

“Each piece starts with either some preparatory sketching of an imaginary person…the features are then mapped into a grid, with each section the size of one disk. The disks are then placed in tonally appropriate areas (almost like pixels) to create a collage. On top of this, the outline of the head and the details are sketched in pencil, with oil paint to emphasise the features. This process is quite selective as only certain sections are finished completely. The unfinished aspect allows the viewer to see the layers, showing how the work has been created.”

Seeing his art definitely makes me feel better about the recent death of the floppy disk (which I lamented in a recent video).

Please visit his Flickr and his website to see more of his art!

These images have been used with permission from Nick Gentry.

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